Collaged Affirmations - Kara 8

Collaged Affirmations – Kara 8

CLASSES                                                      Children’s Art Classes developed for 5 – 12 year olds take place weekly in North Beach from 3.45 – 5pm.  Projects involve painting, textiles, printmaking and sculpture and develop an awareness of the natural environment and how to utilise its resources within art. The focus of each class is on encouraging the process of creating and exploration.

Eucaluptus dyed pillowcase with handstitching and illustration - Balcatta High School

Eucaluptus dyed pillowcase with handstitching and illustration – Balcatta High School


Suitable for school, community and corporate groups, catering to birthday parties and special events and to individual groups of more than four participants, workshops are designed to suit both the environment in which they are being held, the level of the participants abilities and their designated outcome. They include (but are not limited to) plant dyes and textiles, sculpting with wire and found objects, watercolour and ink illustrating, painting with music, meditation and mandalas, mosaics, crafts, drawing and  printmaking,

Framed watercoloured collage

Watercolour and ink framed collage – Ella 6

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS                          Children’s workshops are run over a 2-3 hour time frame (depending on the activity) in North Beach or through specific local councils. These can include framed collage, bookmaking, drawing, painting, sewing, paper making, printmaking, stencils, jewellery, crafts, natural dyes, clay or woodwork.  They are open to all ages.

All classes and workshop  details are posted on Facebook (click on link).


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