web-upload-160x160_cAfter many years spent working as a Project Coordinator and later marketing within the construction industry, a choice to focus solely on an art career has lead Jodie towards an environmentally sustainable practice together with a nature inspired philosophy. Her motto that ‘there is nothing wrong in art’ reminds us that the creative process is just that, a process. It is about taking the time to explore creativity in order to find a balance to the constant busyness we all have in our modern day lives. Through classes, workshops, music, public speaking and artwork, Jodie shares her thoughts and practices to encourage others to find their balance through the use of creative activity.

Jodie’s work as an artist is varied and includes illustration, writing, sculpture, printmaking, painting, textiles, pastels, drawing and music. Her preference to use freely sourced materials wherever possible including incorporating recycled wire, copper, plant fibres, paper, fabrics and wood into sculptural pieces supports her belief that we can all play a part and work in harmony with our environment. Hand stitched detail and natural dyes come together with materials and imagery sourced from nature in illustrations. She experiments with salvaged rubber, cardboard, x-rays, metal and plastics as printmaking materials and recycles paper to use for her prints.

All workshops follow the same non materialistic philosophy in an attempt to encourage each generation to be aware of their place within the ecosystem. Jodie’s belief is that there is a curious child who resides within the imagination of all of us who longs to ‘play’. Life is about a finding a balance between work and play,


Poppy Making Workshop

creativity and academics, progress and conservation.

Whether speaking to a group of children at a school event, running adult workshops, organising media and publicity for artists or coordinating community art installations, Jodie’s love for the arts is more than just teaching or updating skills, it is also about encouraging experimentation, discovery, having a belief in self and most importantly enjoying the process.

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